London Poetry Festival: Focusing on Words that Build Up

Why does poetry exist?

Words on paper can convey information, thoughts, and emotions. Poetry in itself is the gathering of words, phrased artistically in such a way that they create a response. And emotional response. Beautiful in their own right, these words have a scientific and rhythmic expression of their own  – all commanding a response from the reader or revealing the heart of the author.

Quotes, Notes, Poems, and Inspiration: This website is about words. But more than poetic words or proper phrasing, these words encourage. These words build up.

Words that may make a person smile. Words that offer gratitude. Words that share exciting and invitation. Words that inspire faith or offer comfort. These such words you will find on this website.

With that, welcome to London Poetry In addition to being your inspiration space to find words to share how much you care, we also look to direct you to creative and lovely ways you can express these uplifting words to the ones you love. Cards, invitations, announcements, and art – and this is only the beginning. Bookmark this page and return often – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

4 Fun Ways to Make Big Announcements

4 Fun Ways to Make Big AnnouncmentsWords are nothing more than communication tools. When properly strung together, they can create all sorts of emotion. But when sharing an announcement, the words themselves often take a back seat to how they are presented. The words “It’s a boy” seems to have more impact with there are cakes with blue candies spilling out or balloons being popped blue glitter raining down.

However baby render reveals are only one example of how to create an event centered around words. Another place you will see this phenomenon is with proposals. A man can drop to one knee and present a ring, or he can light candles, play music, and gather family and friends gathered to witness the asking of a question. While styles and personal preferences may determine which method you prefer, the idea behind all of it “dressing up” or planning an event around sharing important words can create an impactful experience for all.

Since we’re all about sharing words that build up, we wanted to offer 8 fun ways to make a big announcement.

When announcing a family vacation: All you need to do is search Youtube with the phrase “we’re going to Disney World” to get ideas. There you’ll find video after video of fun ways parents made this big announcement to their kids. Our personal favorite? Plan a scavenger hunt. Tape clues around your house, or even your neighborhood, each asking a “themed” question that will lead them to the next clue. Anticipation will continue to build as to move on to each envelope, with the final one revealing the location of the trip.

When choosing your wedding party: Like gender reveal parties, another popular trend is finding creative ways to ask “will you be my bridesmaid”. We love the Be My Bridesmaid scratch off greeting cards cards from Inklings Paperie. You can view them first hand at You hand write in the name of your friend and cover it with a sticker. They receive a cute card that’s almost like a came, and inside you can add personal notes about what their friendship means to you. We also love the variety of styles, and yes, there is a Groomsman card available as well.

When announcing a pregnancy: Similar to gender reveals, creative options on how to share this news are not in short supply. “I’m going to be a big brother/sister” shirts are great when you have kids, but there are plenty of shirts for mom and dad as well (most with a slightly sarcastic twist). From a “Bun in the Over/I’m the Bun Maker” set, to the pregnant with a ninja shirt, this is a great way to share your news. You may even get a laugh or two.

Baby Gender Reveal Ideas: You have plenty of options to choose from here, going as simple or as creative as you’d like. You can cook candies (often M&Ms) inside of cupcakes or cakes, allowing the colored pieces to s spill out upon cutting them open. There are scratch-off games or cards available revealing the words boy/girl/twins. We’ve seen couples spray each other with silly string with the color of the silly string being the actual reveal. The Today’s Show Kathee Lee and Hoda had a segment on gender reveals a few months back – watch below to gather a few more ideas.

How to Write a Letter of Reconciliation

Letter-of-reconciliationWords can either build up, or they can tear down.

Many people have a relationship in their life that is, in some way, broken. Perhaps you have a friend that you were once close with, but you now no longer speak to each other. Or maybe your marriage has been tense and your spouse is often distant or cold. Or you have an estranged child or family member that you would like to be on better terms with.

The process towards reconciliation is not easy, and could take up several articles in itself. The best advice we’ve come across is from On this site, they offer guidelines as to how to write a letter of reconciliation to a wife who’s heart is hardened. While the affection in these guidelines may not apply to all relationships, the guidance on how to focus on the needs of the other party can make the difference in having words that build up.

Here are a few things they recommend:

  1. Make the goal of your letter to reestablish lost trust. Validate their feelings.
  2. Do NOT try to change the other party’s mind or opinion in this letter. If they are truly hardened, they will not trust your motives. This is not the time to convince, justify, or explain.
  3. Let the other party understand that they and their feelings are understood. You can do this by showing empathy and compassion for their experience.
  4. Minimize how much you talk about yourself. This is particularly true at the beginning of the letter. The focus needs to be on what the other party went through and what they are feeling.
  5. Do not name specific occasions where offenses have happened. This brings up past pain. Instead, focus on bad habits or patterns of behaviors and take responsibility for such.
  6. Do not compliment or express deep affection. This may come across as you trying to earn their good will when the focus needs to be on them.
  7. Do not try to educate them or correct their misperceptions. This is not the time share what you’ve learned, about yourself or about relationships.
  8. Write simply and to the point. Craft your letter in such a way that it will not offend further.

Take your time in writing a letter of reconciliation. Make edits and rewrites as needed. As words can piece through their hardened heart, investing the time in making sure the other party feels heard and validated is key.



A Different Way to Offer Thanks

Have you ever had a hard time coming up with the words to use in a thank you note?

After an event, it is a customary courtesy to send out thank you notes for those who have helped with the event or who brought a gift. These type of notes tend to have a formulaic approach in nature, and while everyone loves being recognized and appreciated, are often dry by nature.

By doing a simple search online, you should be able to find several templates as to how to phrase your thank you notes for such occasions. However, while not the traditional format, we’d like to offer some general guidelines of how to construct a note of thanks – not for a gift or act of service – but for a relationship.

Perhaps it’s a dear friend and you’re thankful for their companionship. It could be your spouse, and you’re offering thanks for all the little things they do in loving you. It could be that mentor that invested their time and energy into you.

Here are some idea starters…

  • Thank you for being such a great listener and confidant. You’re hearing my thoughts and ideas is a blessing.
  • Thank you for the things you do around the house. Like that one time….  You’re helping this way made me feel very appreciated and loved.
  • I understand your time is valuable, which is even more why I’m grateful for how you’ve invested in me. You’ve taught me things I wouldn’t have learned otherwise, helping me become a better person. That is priceless.
  • I never feel better than when I’m in your company. Thank you for being a part of my life.

Offering gratitude or thanks is a great way to break up a tense situation. If you are at odds in a conversation, pause and try to think of something you love about that person. You can then phrase that think you love as a thank you, and watch the ice of the conversation melt.

How can you rephrase a positive quality into thanks? By reminding them of who they are. If you say the words “thank you” out of the blue, you very likely will be met with the response “thank you for what?”. You can then respond with “thank you for being the kind of person that… I’m grateful that I have people like that in my life”. By reminding them who they are, the other party will likely pause and start to then act out this characteristic. So while they could be angry one moment, thanking them for being such a patient person who rarely loses their cool will cause a change in their behavior. Or try offering thanks to someone for acting honorably – it will then remind them to do such. Words have power – words can build up.

These are just a few examples of how you can use words of gratitude to encourage and build up those around you. We will give more specifical examples of such words in the days ahead.